Abstract Submissions

BAS Virtual Annual meeting 2021
Thursday 16th – Friday 17th September

Abstract submission deadline | 23:59 hrs – Friday 25 June

Abstract submissions are encouraged from BAS ordinary, junior and student members.

There will be a scheduled early career investigator awards session presented live on Thursday and also a moderated poster session.

This is a great opportunity for early career investigators from all over the world to publicise their research to journal editors, potential reviewers, collaborators and peers from the cardiovascular research community and beyond.

Abstract presenters that were not selected for oral presentation in 2020 are encouraged to resubmit their work for the 2021 meeting.

Submitted abstracts will be blind marked by a select committee and presenting authors will be notified of the selection made by end August.


IF YOU ARE THE PRESENTING ABSTRACT AUTHOR, presenting in oral format, BAS membership should be applied for during abstract submission window (tbc) in order to register Applications can be made on line: https://www.britathsoc.org/membership/

Submission instructions:

  1. Use single-spaced typing of 12 pitch (point) type of normal lettering.
  2. Put the title of the abstract in UPPER CASE
  3. Use upper and lower case for the authors’ surnames preceded by initial(s), and denote the name(s) of department, institution and address.
  4. Indicate the presenting author using an asterisk.
  5. Leave a blank line before the main text
  6. The main text should include the rationale for the study, methodology, results and conclusions.
  7. Citations, which should be kept to a minimum, should be numbered sequentially in the text.
  8. Acknowledgements may be included at the end.
  9. Avoid abbreviations; if used, they must be defined.
  10. Abstracts longer than 250 words will not be considered.
  11. We can only accept files in Microsoft Word format or Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Abstracts which do not conform to the guidelines will not be accepted.


  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf.
    Please submit Microsoft Word format documents up to 3mb in size.