Memorial Lectures

Memorial Lectures

The Society holds two memorial lectures annually.

The first of these is the John French Memorial Lecture named in honour of the Oxford-based pathologist, Dr John French, who made seminal observations and contributions to the field of cardiovascular pathology and who died prematurely in 1960. The lecture is given by a younger UK-based investigator who is considered by the organisers to be a rising star in atherosclerosis research. This talk is at the late-spring meeting (joint meeting with BCS and BSCR in Manchester), following selection by the BAS committee, and is accompanied by a small prize. The John French Lecturer automatically becomes a member of the BAS. Previous lecturers are listed.

The lecture given at the Autumn meeting is the Hugh Sinclair Memorial Lecture. This honours the memory of one of the founding members of the Atherosclerosis Discussion Group, Dr Hugh Sinclair, who made many outstanding and novel contributions regarding the influence of dietary factors on the risk of atherosclerosis. Traditionally, this lecture is given by a national or international figure of high standing. Previous lecturers are listed .

A Michael Davies Early Career Investigator’s Award competition is held at the BAS Annual Meeting (September). This has rapidly become a highlight of the meeting and is attracting an ever-increasing number of submissions.

BAS Members are also eligible for the joint BCS/BAS/BSCR young investigator prize at the joint spring meeting, and for EAS young investigator fellowships to the annual congress.