Joint BAS/BSCR meeting at the BCS annual conference 2023

Joint BAS/BSCR meeting 2023
John French lecture 

Chair:  Prof Charalambos Antoniades, University of Oxford

Dr Mairi Brittan, University of Edinburgh
Strategies to rebuild vascular networks for myocardial repair and regeneration

New Frontiers in Cardiovascular Research – joint sessions

SESSION 1. Multiomics approaches to understand the complexity of cardiovascular disease

Chairs:  Prof Nicola Smart, University of Oxford & Dr Mairi Brittan, University of Edinburgh.

Dr Enikö Lázár, Karolinska Institutet. Spatial and temporal transcriptome profiling of human cardiogenesis in the first trimester.

Dr Ian McCracken, University of Oxford. Transcriptional control of endothelial cell differentiation in the developing human heart.

Dr Michela Noseda, Imperial College London. A single cell cardiac atlas to understand cellular heterogeneity in the human heart.

Prof Manuel Mayr, King’s College London. Proteomics to resolve the extracellular matrix of the cardiovascular system.

SESSION 2. Connecting cardiovascular and brain pathophysiology

Chairs: Prof Sheila Francis, University of Sheffield, Prof Tomasz Guzik, University of Edinburgh, Prof Pasquale Mafia, University of Glasgow.

Dr Sarajo Mohanta, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich. Neuroimmune cardiovascular interfaces regulate atherosclerosis via adventitia-brain-circuits.

Dr Mateusz Siedlinski, Jagiellonian University.  Integrative genetic analyses identify brain structures related to cognitive impairment arising from elevated blood pressure

Dr Jason Berwick, University of Sheffield. Experimental neurovascular models to study the heart-brain axis.

Prof Alexander Gourine, University College London. Control of the heart by the vagus nerve and exercise

SESSION 3. Mechanotransduction in the cardiovascular system

Chairs: Prof Sanjay Sinha and Dr Deeti Shetty, University of Cambridge 

Prof Michael Gotthardt, Max Delbrück Center, Berlin. Titin isoform mechanics and Mechanosignalling in the heart

Prof Ellie Tzima, University of Oxford. Vascular Mechanotransduction in health and disease

Dr Derek Warren, University of East Anglia. Vascular smooth muscle cell stiffness sensing: From the cell membrane to nuclear proteins

Dr Thomas Iskratsch, Queen Mary University of London. Cardiomyocyte mechanosensing downstream of cell-matrix and cell-cell contacts

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