25th International Congress on Thrombosis


Venice, Italy

May 23-26, 2018

As you all are aware, thrombosis (coronary, cerebral and venous) accounted for two of three deaths in 2010 (Lancet 2012; 380:2095-128). Prevention and treatment of thromboembolic events is therefore a main issue in medicine that involves all the components of health care systems. Recently, a strong boost in this field came from the introduction of new antithrombotic agents whose use is expanding with the need of more information by real-life studies. Thus, ICT is an important venue to compare clinical experiences and learn new advances in basic and pharmacological sciences. The meeting has a unique scientific program based on lectures, presentations,discussion and ‘Pros’ and ‘cons’ debates.

Also, this conference offers the opportunity for 6 young (< 40) investigators – the ones with the highest abstract score-) to have full access to a major symposium as invited speakers by having travel, accommodation and registration entirely covered by the organisation.