The Society welcomes applications from potential new members. All those with a commitment to basic or clinical research into atherosclerosis and any related fields may apply.

Application form follows the below instructions

The Society meets every year at the annual conference that attracts world leading speakers and focuses on a cutting edge topic in the broad field of cardiovascular disease research. The small focused meeting provides both the latest updates in the field as well as the ideal environment to sustain and create new collaborations.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Reduced registration rates at the annual meeting in September.
  • Free registration at the joint meeting with BCS and BSCR societies in June.
    • Students can also apply for travel awards up to £200
  • Basic membership of the European Atherosclerosis Society
    • Apply for young investigator awards (less than 35) at the annual EAS conference
    • Receive complimentary online access to Atherosclerosis Journal.
    • Selected educational content on the EAS Academy, the Society’s e-learning platform, EAS Academy Regular content.
    • Become eligible to apply to attend the EAS educational activities, such as Advanced Courses.
    • Receive EAS newsletters and featured commentaries on topical issues.
    • Reduced membership subscription should they choose to become a Full Individual EAS member.
  • Basic membership of the International Atherosclerosis Society
    • by applying to become a BAS member you agree to the IAS having access to your name, address and email in order to set you up as a IAS basic member

The definition of atherosclerosis research used by the Society is broad, covering coronary artery disease and risk of myocardial infarction, cerebral disease and risk of stroke, peripheral disease both in the aorta, causing abdominal aortic aneurysms, and in the extremities causing claudication. As a result of this, the research interests of the members are extremely wide covering the fields of lipidology, coagulation and haemostasis, myocardial functioning, vascular imaging, epidemiology and genetics, with experts in the field of pathology, animal models, cell biology, molecular biology, and metabolic studies. A number of scientific staff from the pharmaceutical industry are members and regular attendees.

There are three main membership categories:

  • Ordinary (with more than five years work experience in the field of atherosclerosis research) – £25 membership per annum
  • Junior (with less than five years work experience in the field of atherosclerosis research) – £10  membership per annum
  • Student (undertaking a PhD or MD)  – Free membership during their studentship

Full (ordinary) membership

Potential members are nominated by two members of the Society and present a brief CV to demonstrate at least five years active contribution to the field of atherosclerosis and/or related research.

Intending ORDINARY new members should email a brief curriculum vitae which demonstrates at least five years active contribution to the field of atherosclerosis research to the Secretary of the Society, together with the names of two existing members of the Society who have agreed to nominate and second their application.

Traditionally, the ADG and now the BAS have worked hard to maintain an even balance of clinical and basic scientists in the membership of the Society. Currently there are over 100 subscribing members, with over 30 retired or corresponding members, several of whom are also regular and active participants at the meetings.

ORDINARY members automatically become SENIOR members on the 1st January following their 65th birthday and do not pay an annual subscription.

HONORARY members shall be eminent scientists (British or foreign) nominated either by the Committee or by two members and approved by the Annual General Meeting.  Such HONORARY members shall be informed of the time, place and contents of the Scientific Meetings and be eligible to attend them and are not required to pay a subscription.

Junior Membership

The committee actively encourages young researchers in the field of atherosclerosis to join the Society, and therefore strives to keep attendance costs for each meeting to a minimum.

Intending JUNIOR new members should email a brief curriculum vitae and a letter of support from their principal supervisor to the Secretary of the Society. On completion of 5 years of atherosclerosis research experience, membership will increase to £25 per annum as an ORDINARY member.

Student membership

Intending STUDENT new members should email a brief curriculum vitae and a letter of support from their principal supervisor to the Secretary of the Society, which states the start date of their studies. STUDENT members can enjoy complimentary membership of the Society during their PhD or MD study period. On completion of this study period, STUDENT members become JUNIOR members until they have gained 5 years of atherosclerosis research (including their studentship studies) and membership is then charged at £10 per year. After this 5 year period, membership will increase to £25 as an ORDINARY member, and the Society will contact you about this at the appropriate time.

All members should notify the secretariat of any change of address or email during their membership.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation):
By applying for membership of the BAS, once approved, all members accept that the Society can hold their contact data and agrees to receive notifications from time to time regarding BAS business, meetings and funding opportunities. Members also agree that their contact details can be shared with the EAS (European Atherosclerosis Society) and IAS (International Atherosclerosis Society) specific to receiving Society notifications.
Otherwise contact details will never be passed to third parties without express permission.

All applications are approved by the committee. Successful applicants will be notified and given a membership number.

Ordinary and Junior members will be required to make their first membership payment via card or bank transfer before a membership number will be issued.

 For membership queries, please contact 01543 503 322.

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The BAS committee will be in touch within 4 weeks with notification of whether your application has been successful.

Thank you.

BAS Committee