Autumn Meeting 2012

Platelets, Thrombosis and the Vessel Wall: New Approaches

Date: Thursday 13th and Friday 14th September, 2012

Venue: Queens’ College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

Organisers: Martin Bennett, Anna Randi and Robert Storey

Programme: Speakers included Chuck Esmon (Oklahoma), Anthony Dorling (King’s London), Aida Inbal (Tel Aviv), Anna Randi (Imperial London), Henri Versteeg (Leiden), Tatiana Byzova (Cleveland), Willem Ouwehand (Cambridge), Steve Watson (Birmingham), Christian Gachet (Strasbourg), Rob Storey (Sheffield), Steve Lentz (Iowa), Robert Ariens (Leeds) and Wiggo Sandberg (Oslo). The Hugh Sinclair Lecture will be given by Dorian Haskard (Imperial London).

Abstract submission: CLOSED.

Sponsorship: AstraZeneca has provided a sponsorship grant towards this independent programme.