Joint BAS/BSCR Late Spring Meeting 2020

Manchester Central, Manchester, UK

This meeting is now cancelled, we expect the planned programme will now take place at the 2021 meeting

Preliminary Programme

Symposium Title: Novel Insights into Cardiovascular comorbidities

Monday 1st June 2020, 10.45-12.15

Chairs – Andy Sage, Rhian Touyz

Jose Fuster, CNIC MadridClonal hematopoiesis – links to atherosclerotic disease

Ian Bruce, University of ManchesterRheumatological diseases – a cardiovascular risk factor

Antony Vidal-Puig, University of CambridgeObesity and Adipose dysfunction in cardiovascular risk

Rhian Touyz, University of Glasgow Diabetes, Hypertension, and Cardiovascular Disease: Clinical Insights and Vascular Mechanisms

Symposium Title: Neuroimmune Modulation of Cardiovascular Function

Monday 1st June 2020, 13.45-15.15

Chairs – Pasquale Maffia, Tomasz Guzik

Peder OlofssonNeuronal control of inflammation and bioelectronic medicine

Prof Partha Dutta – Sympathetic Neuronal Activation Triggers Myeloid Progenitor Proliferation and Differentiation

Prof Daniela CarnevaleNeuroimmune Control of Cardiac and Vascular Remodelling in Hypertension

Dr Giuseppe D’AgostinoControl of Peripheral Metabolism via Genetic Modulation of Brain Circuits

Symposium Title: A decade of genome-wide association studies

Tuesday 2nd June 2020, 8.30-10.00

Chairs – Manuel Mayr, Sanjay Sinha

Jeanette Erdmann, Luebeck, Germany – What have we learnt for coronary artery disease?

Aroon Hingorani, UCLMendelian randomisation – causal analysis and drug development

Gerard Pasterkamp, Utrect, NetherlandsFine-tuning the definition of the atherosclerotic plaque at risk, the value of bulk and single cell RNA sequencing of human plaques.

Hugh Watkins, OxfordThe impact of common variants on rare/inherited disease phenotypes