Binks Trust Awards 2013

Travel Awards

We awarded a Binks Trust Travel Award to Dr Ramzi Khamis of £3,000. Dr Khamis is a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow in Cardiovascular Medicine at Imperial College. He will utilise this award to fund part of his visit to the laboratory of Dr Farouc  Jaffer, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

He will spend two weeks at Harvard, to undertake further work to expand on the molecular imaging of oxidised LDL in experimental atherosclerosis.

The benefits of the visit will be:

(i)           adding to his data to create a high impact publication;

(ii)          providing support for the development of humanised LO1 as a clinical imaging agent;

(iii)        providing a spring-board for further grant proposals, including a possible Intermediate Fellowship Application.


Oral presenter awards

At the Autumn meeting we obtained numerous high quality abstracts which were ranked by members of the committee. The five highest ranked abstracts were selected for oral presentations on 6th September 2013. The BAS committee are keen to support and inspire the next generation of atherosclerosis researchers in the UK and therefore decided to initiate a prize for these excellent researchers at the early stages of their career. All presenters were also presented with a Binks Award certificate and a prize of £200.

All presenters gave excellent short presentations on their current research projects. Firstly, Dr Emma Bailey (Imperial College London) presented her abstract describing spatial correlation between patterns of aortic endothelial permeability and multidirectional disturbed blood flow. Secondly, Dr Karina Di Gregoli presented data demonstrating that TIMP-3 expression in foam cell macrophages is inhibited by GM-CSF through the up-regulation of micro-RNA 181b. Next, Dr Eileen McNeill (Oxford University) presented her work showing that broad spectrum inhibition of CC-chemokines reduced monocyte recruitment in an angiotensin-II induced model of vascular inflammation and hypertension. Dr Helen Williams (Bristol University) then discussed work demonstrating the role of Wnt2 induced WISP-1 in vascular smooth muscle cell migration and intimal thickening. Finally, Miss Emma Yu (University of Cambridge) presented work elucidating the atherogenic role of mitochondrial DNA damage through altering vascular smooth muscle cell and monocyte behaviour. All of these abstract presenters were recipients of Binks Trust Awards and these were presented by Professor Sarah George.


Binks Trust Award Winners 2013

From left to right: E Bailey, K di Gregoli, E McNeill, H Williams, E Yu